EduSaksham is an online Education company started by a group of people who comes from a distinguished academic background. The company is Founded by Sanjeev Kumar Suman, who is an alumni of IITK/IITB and has close to two decades of rich experience in the technology domain.

Receiving Knowledge is important but evaluating the understanding gained is also critical. Adapting to learn digitally from the formative years will build solid foundations for the students. In the current fast changing world there is a need to create more awareness. More collaborative actions between parents and educators are needed. Technology can bring a deep impact for personalized education.

We offer wide product portfolio ranging from “Cradle to Career”. Our products are designed to build solid foundation during the childhood development and augment skill gaps for better employability at the later part of the carrier. Our key offerings are in K12, competitive exams and professional domain. For school students, we offer complete online solution where students can enrol for our courses and access them as per their convenience. Practicing online gives them a lot of flexibility in taking the courses, it also helps students get personalized feedback. Online courses with detailed analytics help our students to increase their performance level in all exams.

To crack any competitive exams, time and accuracy of answers plays a major important role. Students benefit from time analysis and they also improve on accuracy levels. Students can track and improve their performance through the detailed analysis. Identification of the strong and weak areas helps them for better performance. They can make their own strategy in terms of execution of the paper. We plan to offer competitive exam preparation for IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, GATE etc.

We work towards bridging the gap between academic curriculum and Industry requirements. Students now get the opportunity to learn from the industry experts. They are mentored and guided by the experts at every step. Students get benefitted by acquiring the required skills and get real time career opportunities in the industry. The present principle to stay employable is to reskill/upskill. For professional courses, we have online and offline modules along with assessment module. Expert mentorship helps students/professionals improve their chances of cracking better and mapped job opportunities.

Our Offerings


An easy way to watch progress of your kids.

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Open new gates to assess potential & skills

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We unfold the NICHE industry and career.

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Our Vision

We aspire to scale the reach of quality education and help generate better skills for employability in the youth. We are working on personalized education by identifying the skill gaps. Our teaching and assessment methods are mapped for creating more employability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become one of the Leading Education Technology Service Provider Company of the Country.




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