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EduSaksham has been working over these open-ended questions with the help of renowned professors and industry experts and has developed a unique and innovative product for the VLSI industry. Our focus is primarily for college going students/fresh graduates or new entrants of VLSI industry who wishes their fundamentals to be strong. We call it as a SELF MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (SMP) FOR VLSI.



 * Note: Price is inclusive of 15% Service taxes.



SMP is designed with an approach of self-learning and self-mentorship in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Check your level of expertise and competence in a particular topic.

Step 2: Go back and do self-study on your week areas (If any).

Step 3: Re-evaluate yourself with more set of papers and questions. 

Step 4: Repeat the process till you are not 100% satisfied.

Step 5: Move to the next topic and repeat above step.


An aspirant can learn the concepts of VLSI at their pace. We have multiple practice tests on the weekly basis, which will keep aspirants engaged to the course throughout and help them learn VLSI concepts for their professional career. Each test is designed to check and develop in-depth knowledge for the aspirant.


Key features and benefits of SELF MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (SMP)


    • Online Program: Easily accessible from anywhere.


    • Designed by Industry experts as per Industry requirement.


  • Structured Program:

   Eduwebsite Structured


      • Weightage of different concepts:
        • Every concept is positioned as per their weightage and importance in VLSI industry.
        • Every section has “Structured Notes” for each concept covered in the course.


    • Systematic Approach:

            Eduwebsite Systematic


    • Analytical Report

            Eduwebsite Analytic


Program features:

  • 12 hours of online classes on advanced topics
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume enhancement
  • 30-45 days program
  • Topics covered
    • Digital (advance)
    • CMOS (advance)
    • Timing concepts (STA)
    • Other advanced concepts
  • Industry standard assessment papers
    • 80 practice papers
  • Certification program (10 days)
    • 20 papers

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