Frequently Asked Questions

What is eduSaksham?

eduSaksham is an online address that offers a structured roadmap to prepare students for all competitive exams in India. By doing simple one step registration on the portal, students can easily undertake test series for all competitive exams. The site helps students to track their preparation levels and even enhance it by practicing more tests. Soon eduSaksham will also provide K12 content for school students and professional courses preparing students take up jobs in industry.

How can I get the free tests for competitive exams?

Once registered, you can immediately access free test papers for a free trial for any competitive exam. Registered students can check and appear for pre scheduled exams and get their cumulative rankings.

Are there solutions to all questions?

Yes, for all the test series papers we provide solutions and explanation. Quick tips & tricks are an added advantage to students to cross check his solutions and pick the best methods to crack his exam.

Should I practice online on eduSaksham even if I plan to appear for competitive exam Offline?

At eduSaksham students can learn different and easy steps to resolve questions faster. Best tips and tricks brings an edge to students appearing for any competitive exam. With more and more competitive exams happening online, it's all the more become more important to adapt the same platform.

How is eduSaksham different from other similar products?

eduSaksham provides the most comprehensive test package with well-organized test papers for continuous practice till the exam. The web portal is a platform for students who always wants to prepare more & better. At edusaksham, we urge to reach out to all the students who plans to prepare individually, to all those who learn and understand from different coaching institutes and to all those who want to outperform others. Students can take up the test series and keep a check on their performance among the peer level. They will get an insight on the areas of improvements along with the inputs on the same subject.

Do I need a computer and an Internet connection to use eduSaksham?

Yes you will need a computer/ laptop/ Ipad/ tab/ mobile and an internet connection to use eduSaksham.

Is preparation using eduSaksham enough for clearing Competitive exam?

Books and teachers help students with the basic and first step of learning and understanding the concepts who wants to appear for a competitive exams. Consistent Practice, assessment and improvement comes next when somebody wants to clear the competitive exams. At this stage eduSaksham, a friendly test only tool, helps to build you to appear in exams. It is a supplement and not an alternative to regular classroom learning or any coaching institute.

How should I use eduSaksham? How much time should I devote on eduSaksham? When should I give the tests?

eduSaksham is a testing and assessment tool that will aid you during your preparation of competitive exams. Ideally, you should give the tests when you get a basic understanding of the relevant concepts. eduSaksham will provide you feedback for your performance, which can be used to identify areas for improvement and work on them. You can keep a track of your progress using eduSaksham.

Will eduSaksham still be useful if student hasn’t joined any coaching class?

Self-study and practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in competitive exams. Students need to constantly appear for test and track their progress. eduSaksham empowers students to do this and help them better plan their preparation.

Will eduSaksham be useful if I have joined a coaching institute?

eduSaksham is a supplement to classroom learning and coaching classes. The online portal is a platform for students with different background, places, learnings with a common goal of appearing and passing the competitive exams. Students can undertake test series and keep a tab on preparation level among the peer level. This will help student gauge their present level and also supplement with instant reports and detailed feedback. The feedback highlight the areas which require immediate focus and gear up for the next level preparation.

I am a teacher. How can eduSaksham help me?

Absolutely. eduSaksham is a friend for students as well as teachers. It understands the competitive and fast evolving education field, the pressure of providing better and different question papers in limited time period. That's why eduSaksham lessen your worries and comes up with well tailored test series. You can supplement your classroom teaching by simply recommending students to practice test papers using eduSaksham.

This will help your students measure their performance among a large student community. It also benefits you in producing more results in competitive exams.

What are the content available for K12 segment?

We will be live with K12 content in few months from now. K12 content will have concepts and worksheet for students which will help schools make student future ready with early age adoption of technology. K12 content will also help private tutors use our course content to teach students, conduct exam and test student's knowledge of a particular topic.

What professional courses for available on eduSaksham?

We are coming live with professional courses on eduSaksham in few months. These courses will help final year students to take up jobs in industry. People can learn new skills and even update their skill set while working in their respective industry.

How secure is the payment that I make through your website?

We are using payment gateways of Instamojo which is a secure gateway as payments are processed in PCI-DSS compliant environment.

Is the fee refundable?

Risk free money back guarantee if you cancel within 7 days of purchase. After that, there will be no refund of fee. Student needs to mail his refund request to along with Invoice reference code within 7 days of purchase and we will initiate the refund process and money will be credited back to the same account or card from which it was debited within 10 working days. Standard transaction charges apply.

If I face any problem while using eduSaksham, how can I get it resolved?

You can directly contact us in case you face any issues. You can email us at