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Mathematics is a very important subject to study for all the students as a good understanding of mathematics has a long-term impact on the career growth of a student. This is where EduSaksham brings an innovative product which helps a students to understand the concepts of mathematics and build an acumen of solving problems. The content and questions concentrate on understanding and then solving the problems. It is a powerful tool for teachers and parents to monitor and become a partner to the student where it can be merged in a school curriculum seamlessly.

Our course is prepared by experienced academician keeping in mind the learning capabilities of students. Assignments help identify student their strong area and improvement areas. Worksheets are made interesting by introducing different concepts to keep the student engaged and learn faster. Worksheets are fun to solve and will give confidence to students in writing any examination. We make learning fun and practice easy so conquering becomes habit for your kid.

EduSaksham offers best practice material for Maths Olympiad examination. Our courses are uniquely designed to take classroom concepts to a notch higher level in Olympiad pratice papers so students are able to solve the Olympiad level questions very easily and do well in the main Olympiad examination. We help build strong foundation in Maths course so students can easily take their preparation to next level and perform exceptionally.


* Price are inclusive of 15% Service taxes

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